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Dr. Lova Randrianasolo is a marketing scholar, consultant, speaker, and author. He holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University, a master’s degree from New York University, and a PhD from St. Louis University. In his career in academia, he has held posts at 3 different universities, which includes serving as the chair of the marketing department at Butler University, where he was granted tenure, as well as his current position at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business where he is an assistant professor of marketing as well as the director of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. His work focuses on 3 pillars: Insights, Inclusion, and Innovation.



More than ever, it is imperative that organizations are data-driven, but insights from data and analytics mean nothing if they are not used to tell effective and impactful brand stories. This notion encapsulates the saying that “data may be the language of business, but stories are the language of people”. Lova specializes in helping organizations collect, analyze, and understand appropriate data to solve relevant problems; developing insights from analytical results; and using developed insights to effectively communicate brand messages and stories to consumers, employees, investors, and other primary stakeholders of the organization.


Lova believes in the mantra that “diversity is counting the heads, while inclusion is making the heads count”. To aid organizations, Lova co-founded SAVA Consulting Group ( with Belmont University’s Dr. Alexey Semenov, which focuses on assessing, developing, and enhancing inclusive intelligence within organizations. Developing inclusive intelligence is the key to enjoying the fruits of diversity, and can positively influence the success of multicultural teams, multicultural marketing campaigns, cross-cultural negotiations, and international expansions, among other benefits.


Innovation lives and breathes at the intersection of creativity, resource availability, and space. If you want an innovative organization, you must foster creativity, which can be unlocked within each member of the organization. Resource availability may include capital, but can also include the resources of time, locational advantages, human resources, and reputation, among other factors. Lova is an expert in resource-advantage theory and helps organizations find the right bundle of resources to boost innovations. Regarding space, for innovations to spark, organizations must have a space for it. This not only includes physical space, but also the mental space within individual members of the organization. Your organization is a unique bundle of resources and people, and Lova specializes in the configuration of such resources and people to foster innovations.


Lova has published original research in reputable journals such as the Journal of International Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, and International Marketing Review, among others. Further, he has published books and book chapters.


Lova has delivered consulting projects, speaking engagements, guest lectures, and served as a subject matter expert for organizations such as:

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