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Hello there,

My name is Lova Randrianasolo. I am an international marketing professor at Butler University. My work in academia focuses on organizational legitimacy, cultural intelligence, and marketing in subsistence or bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) marketplaces. I am particularly focused on employing marketing strategies that contribute to the development of African countries.

Marketing is creating value

by connecting people to ideas,

products, brands, and other people.


My research has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Madagascar Conservation & Development, and Journal of International Consumer Marketing.

I have also presented original research at conferences for the Academy of International Business, the American Marketing Association, and the Academy of Marketing Science.

International Marketing is the function of creating value in more than one nation and is a crucial component to International Business. Without International Marketing, there is no foreign direct investment, and ultimately no development in our world.

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