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Without research, there is no innovation, and without innovation, there is no development.

Synergy vs. Tradeoff: The Influence of National Philanthopic Environment and Industry on the Relationship Between Research and Development and Corporate Social Responsibility 
Arilova Randrianasolo and Alexey Semenov  - Journal of  International Marketing - 2021

This research investigates the relationship between R&D and CSR with a sample of 888 companies across 15 countries. The results of hierarchical linear modeling analyses show that national philanthropic environments as well as firm industry influence whether there are synergies between R&D and CSR or if firms treat these capabilities as substitutes in their quest to develop sustainable competitive advantages.

Employing Enviropreneurial Marketing Strategies to Gain Legitimacy
Arilova Randrianasolo  - Journal of  Global Marketing - 2021

This research investigates how internationalizing companies can use enviropreneurial marketing strategies to gain legitimacy from constituents such as consumers and employees. Across two empirical studies, the results of this research show that pragmatic legitimacy mediates the relationship between enviropreneurial marketing and favorable consumer and employee level outcomes.

A Model of Cultural Intelligence and Global Identity

Arilova Randrianasolo , Alexey Semenov, Mark Arnold, and Kristy Reynolds - Journal of Consumer Marketing - 2020

This research utilizes identity-based motivation theory to theoretically propose and empirically test a model of global identity and cultural intelligence.  The model shows that global identity influences motivational cultural intelligence and ultimately metacognitive, cognitive, and behavioral cultural intelligence. 

Consumer Legitimacy: Conceptualization and Measurement Scales

Arilova Randrianasolo and Mark Arnold - Journal of Consumer Marketing - 2020

This research article employs institutional theory to theoretically conceptualize the construct known as consumer legitimacy. Furthermore, this research develops measurement scales at the individual level for this construct and empirically validates the scales with a structural equation model of hypothesized antecedents and outcomes.

Organizational Legitimacy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Bottom of the Pyramid Consumers

Arilova Randrianasolo - Journal of International Consumer Marketing - 2018

This research article presents the results of a study that investigates how companies from developed economies can gain social acceptance, or organizational legitimacy, in the markets that represent the bottom of the economic pyramid. The results of the study show that the normative institutional environment in BOP markets moderate the relationship between social responsibility and social acceptance.

Understanding the Role of Organizational Legitimacy within the Realm of the Community-Based Conservation Approach

Armand Randrianasolo and Arilova Randrianasolo - Madagascar Conservation & Development - 2017

This research article investigates how the community-based conservation approach can be utilized to gain legitimacy, and in turn affect community trust and attitudes toward the organization. Empirical studies were conducted in Madagascar's Mahabo and Ambalabe communes to validate the hypothesized relationships.

Global Brand Value in Developed, Emerging, and Least Developed Country Markets

Arilova  Randrianasolo - Journal of Brand Management - 2017

The research presented in this article investigates the differences in how consumers value global brands between developed, emerging, and the least developed markets in the world. With samples from the US, India, and Madagascar, the empirical analyses support the premise that consumers in developing markets value global brands more than students in developed markets. 

The Role of Cultural Intelligence in Marketing Adaptation and Export Performance

Peter Magnusson, Stanford Westjohn, Alexey Semenov, Arilova Randrianasolo, and Srdan Zdavkovic -

Journal of International Marketing - 2013

This research investigates how levels of export managers' cultural intelligence influence the relationship between marketing-mix adaptations and export performance. Results of an empirical analysis provide evidence that the motivational and metacognitive dimensions of managerial cultural intelligence serve as intangible resources to marketing strategy and export performance. 

Song Product Characteristics and Music Commercial Performance

Arilova Randrianasolo and Jeremiah Sala - International Journal of Music Business Research - 2017

This research examines how song tempo, song key, and musical genre influence music commercial performance. Results of regression analyses show that song key and musical genre influence performance.

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